1.1  Reduction of the wage and social security contributions



The employer shall benefit from this reduction as long as the employment relationship is maintained, within a maximum of three (3) years. The contribution differential resulting from the reduction is supported by the State budget;


1.2 Taxes Relief and investment incentives.



The industrial sectors eligible for these benefits are:




1.3  Tax burdens relief and incentives for export intended investment


-  sale transactions and services intended for the export.


These exemptions are granted in proportion to the turnover realized in currencies. To enjoy from these measures the companies must present to the competent tax authorities, a document attesting the payment of receipts in currencies to a bank established in Algeria


1.4. Incentives related to the financing aspect




The beneficiaries of credit support only the differential of non subsidized interest rates.


•Granting a low interest rate of loans granted by banks to SMEs.

-Creation and activity expansion
-Algiers-Oranand Annaba: 0.25%
-Wilayas of the south and the highlands and 1.5%
-Other wilayas: 1%